Chain of Command
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Letters and Diaries of the 19th
The 69th Battalion

The Archives of Canada have scanned every diary entry for the 19th Battalion during the World War. Here you can find the links to general and specific dates of everything recorded by the 19th Battalion and its Chain of Command under the Canadian Corps, the 2nd Canadian Division, and the 4th Infantry Brigade.
The following code words are represented within the Diaries:
ENGLAND is the 4th Brigade.
YORK is the 18th Battalion.
DOVER is the 19th Battalion.
NORWICH is the 20th Battalion.
BRISTOL is the 21st Battalion.
WARWICK is the 4th Machine Gun Company.
WIZZBANG is the T.M. Company.

The 19th Battalion War Diaries

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The 4th Infantry Brigade War Diaries

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